Maeko Connect: Point of Sale for SAP

Maeko Connect and SAP working seamlessly together
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Maeko Connect EPOS is a fully fledged Point of Sale system. The core system can be configured to fit various requirements such as

  • Standard retail
  • Fashion
  • Trade Counter
  • Concession
  • Franchise

Maeko Connect EPOS is feature rich and is fully componentised. This allows you to pick and build a customised system without the cost or risk of untried custom code. All components are included in your standard licence. It is your choice whether they are implemented or not. this lets you increase the efficiency of your operators by reducing training time, effort and errors.

With Maeko Connect EPOS the data exchange to SAP is in real time. This truly leverages your investment in your ERP system giving a true picture of stock, sales, and availability through the whole enterprise. If there is a drop in connection to SAP, Maeko Connect EPOS continues to work offline and without user intervention goes back online and posts the backlog of transactions.

Mako Connect EPOS is supported with HandHeld Units for stock movement management and stock takes in store.

Maeko Connect EPOS is fully integrated with the Maeko Connect Web based Portal that give a full system health view for all tills in the estate.

At M Computers we also undertake custom work to cater for specialist requirements on Maeko Connect EPOS such as statutory documentation and custom product builders from SAP Item Master components. Ask for a Demo if you need to see more.

Maeko Connect EPOS has approvals for direct connect with various payment Credit Card Providers such as WorldPay, Verifone, Pax Technologies and Barclays.